Therapeutic Riding and Education Centre

Introducing the Therapeutic Riding and Education Centre in Fót

Equine assisted services

Therapeutic Riding and Education Centre in Fót of the International Children’s Safety Service provides high quality therapy as part of the health programme: hippotherapy, remedial riding and vaulting, as well as equine assisted psychotherapy are among the equine assisted services available. Patients who have completed the therapeutic process can join recreational riding or equestrian sports for disabled people.

Our staff

The Centre in Fót currently employs four special needs education teachers as a therapist in remedial riding and vaulting, two physiotherapists-hippotherapists, one psychologist and two equestrian para-sport trainers, both full-time and part-time.

Our horses

We currently have more than 20 private horses and 30 horses of our own. Some of the horses are involved in the training of future professionals and the development of their riding skills, while others are actively involved in equine assisted services on a daily basis. We also have Shetland, Welsh ponies, Haflingi, Lewitzi, Hanoverian and Hungarian half-breeds. Basic and advanced training of some young foals is currently underway.


The Centre in Fót is home to the theoretical and practical education and training of future therapists, equestrian para-sport instructors, trainers and volunteer helpers, but it is also the venue for weeks of training for riding exams.

Equestrian study trail and sensory park

We placed seven different interactive boards and items on the equestrian trail where children can learn about horses in a systematic and thematic way.

While using the sensory park, children ride up hills, down slopes, through moats and along paths covered with different materials, giving them access to many different types of stimuli, which reduces their sensory processing problems.

For more skilful riders, the woods, streamsides and hills also offer cross-country riding possibilities, developing motor, sensory and cognitive functions, of course all this under the supervision of therapists and riding instructors.

New projects in the pipeline

This year we would like to extend sensory park facilities with a barefoot park, an outdoor musical instruments garden and a tactile park.