Optional leisure activities

Dear Congress participants!

Let us recommend some programs for your attention during your stay in Hungary. You can read more about all of this below.

Attention: These are only options, you can also buy tickets for the programs independently via the link.

Visit Buda Castle to the vibrant castle district of Budapest.

You can read more information the following link.


On the Pest side of the Danube, the most beautiful building in our country is the Hungarian State House. The Museum of Hungarian Parliament has been welcoming visitors since 2014. Take a look at the museum’s exhibitions and visit the building of the Hungarian legislature.

You can choose date for your visit and buy ticket the link under:


Performances have been held in the Hungarian Opera House since 1884, in the wonder of Miklós Ybl’s Neo-Renaissance building. Today, you can see this wonderful building within Opertour. You can read more about this at the following link.


Unique collections and exhibitions can be seen in the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts, which is located next to Budapest City Park. After visiting the museum, it is worth taking a pleasant walk in the City Park, where you can also find the zoo, the mutilating lake, and the Vajdahunyad Castle. You can find detailed information at the following link:


In the City Park, you can board a hot air balloon, which rises to a height of 150 meters and reveals the most beautiful view of Budapest for you.

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The Széchenyi spa belongs to the name of the City Park. They can pamper their tired bodies in pleasant thermal water.

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Budapest: Széchenyi Gyógyfürdő egész napos, fakultatív Pálinkatúrával | GetYourGuide

The pleasant bath on the Buda side is the Gellért bath. Visit Gellért Hill, see the view from the Citadella to the Pest side. Then take a bath in the Gellért bath. Read more about the options here:

Budapest: Gellért fürdőjegy: Egész napos Gellért fürdőjegy | GetYourGuide

Sissi was the Queen of Hungary in our country. Not too far from Budapest, about 40 kilometers, in Gödöllő is the most famous Hungarian castle of Sissi. If you are interested in this program, learn more using the link:

Budapestről: Gödöllő Royal Sissi idegenvezetés | GetYourGuide

We recommend a horse-riding trip to your attention. Click to read more.

Egynapos kirándulás Budapestről: Pusztai Lovasbemutató és Vidék | GetYourGuide