Information for exhibitors

Information about the conditions for applying to be an exhibitor

Application process:

  1. Read about the informations and prices
  2. Read the Acceptance statement
  3. Apply using the link below
  4. Wait until we send you your acceptance
  5. If your application is accepted, please transfer the amount to the account number below with the name of the company in the note


Provide Exhibition Booth
(table and electricity at the venue )

500 €

Note: Onsite booth includes free entrance for 2 person to exhibition area.
The price includes the VAT.

Presentation on the congress’ website

  • logo
  • company name
  • short introduction about the activity
  • a photo
  • appearance in program book


The organizer can not provide other technical devices for example: Internet, WIFI…etc.

Acceptance statement – privacy policy

  • I, the undersigned, as representative of the company applying for the exhibition, make the following declarations:
  • I authorize the organizer the Hungarian Riding for Disabled Federation (HRDF) to use my company’s trademark for the purpose of presenting and promoting the conference in the conference publications and on the conference website.
  • I undertake to exhibit only the themes, decorations and objects indicated on the exhibition form and authorised by the organiser. I undertake not to exhibit any item or decoration that may infringe the trademark, intellectual property or personal rights of others, or be incompatible with the spirit of the conference, or cause offence. I acknowledge that I am obliged to remove immediately such objects and decorations upon request by the organiser.
  • I acknowledge that the conference is a public event and that the organiser and the press will provide audio, video and film coverage. I acknowledge that the recordings will be used by the organiser in accordance with the privacy policy available here. I declare that I have informed the natural persons acting on behalf of my company in detail about the data processing.
  • I acknowledge that in the event of a breach of the above conditions, the organiser is entitled to terminate my participation in the conference with immediate effect without any refund of the fee or compensation.
  • I hereby declare that I have read and understood the Privacy Policy available here (link) and I acknowledge that the organiser will process my personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions set out therein.

Payment information

Application deadline: 1/5/2024

Payment deadline: 15/5/2024

Payment only with bank transfer to this account number:

Magyar Lovasterápia Szövetség Alapítvány


IBAN: HU14 1179 4008 2200 0022 0000 0000


Notice: EXHIBITOR (word) + name of the company ex. EXHBITOR Coca Cola

* All transaction fees are borne by the applicant.

The application will become valid only after the payment.
In the case of rescinding or demission the paid exhibition fees we can not pay back after 20/5/24.


Every exhibitor will get a confirmation e-mail about the acceptance of the application from the
Every further communication is only in e-mail. Please, write to us using this email address:

Exhibitor registration

Exhibitor registration for 18th HETI Congress in Budapest