Hungarian Riding for the Disabled Federation

Introducing the Hungarian Riding for the Disabled Federation

The Hungarian Riding for the Disabled Federation was established in 1997. The aim of our Federation is to protect the interests of institutions and individuals involved in equine assisted therapy as a complex preventive, habilitation and rehabilitation solution for health and educational purposes, and to unite such entities.

Our other objectives are:

  • training and special training of professionals in the field of equine assisted therapy and services
  • development of norms, rules and international standards
  • development of international relations
  • organising courses and conferences, editing and publishing training materials and publications
  • improving the working conditions of people and institutions working in the industry, and boosting the recognition of the profession
  • establishment and support of (an equine assisted therapy) training and demonstration centre
  • through the work of the Federation, promotion of all branches of equestrian sport
  • organisation of competitions for riders with disabilities and the creation of conditions for paralympic competition

Since 2000, we have been running annual state-licensed/accredited training courses for special-needs education teachers, physiotherapists, doctors and psychologists in the field of equine assisted therapy, as well as equestrian para-sport coach training for equestrian professionals, instructors and coaches. We organise a one-week training course for volunteers every year.

Students from various higher education institutions (Szent István University, University of Kaposvár, ELTE Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Therapeutic Pedagogy, University of Physical Education) also regularly visit the centre in Fót to gain basic theoretical and practical knowledge of equine assisted therapy.

Special training, conferences

In June 2003, Hungarian Riding for the Disabled Federation organised the XI International Congress in Budapest.

Several times a year, we organise industry meetings, experience exchange events, forums for interested parties and professionals, and present our work at national and international conferences.


The Hungarian Riding for the Disabled Federation, under the patronage and with the support of the International Children’s Safety Service, has been organising its Competition Dressage International (CDI), National (CDN) and Special Riding Competition for disabled persons in the Therapeutic Riding and Education Centre in Fót every September since 2005. The dressage event has been held internationally since 2006 and since 2018 it has also been a World Cup event.

As our main goal is to promote equine assisted therapy and para-sport, we try to make it possible for disabled riders to compete every year. For a competition event, healthy and disabled riders compete against each other in a playful format.

Summer camps:

Since 2007, every summer we have been organising 4-5 week long intensive, complex therapy summer camps for children who attend our equine assisted therapy sessions. This therapeutic programme complements the therapeutic process that takes place during the school year and makes is more effective. The camps are planned by age group, with themes suitable for preschool, school, adolescent and teenager participants. The programme is open for children with a range of mental health problems, learning disabilities, hearing and visual impairment, autism, multiple disabilities with around 50-60 participants per summer.

New projects in the pipeline

This year we would like to extend sensory park facilities with a barefoot park, an outdoor musical instruments garden and a tactile park.