During the practical day Visitors can also enjoy a photo exhibition by Eszter Kövesi.

Horses on the Horizon – Photos of Eszter Kövesi

I photograph life: people, animals, landscapes, abstract figures, all that come into my way and capture me for some reason. I search for the essence of the phenomena, all that is beautiful in them or make them special in a way. I like capturing moments that are worth to keep for the future and show the details that highlight the substance of a given topic. Besides socio-photos and abstract depictions, my other favourite topic is horses: their beautiful lines and special character are eternal themes for a horse-lover photographer. 

The pictures of the present exhibition show the horses of one of the oldest studs in our country, the Mátai Stud in Hortobágy, which has a history of more than 300 years. I spent two whole afternoons, long hours in sun scorched Hortobágy among the horses, which remained one of the most beautiful equestrian memories of my life. It is rare to be able to spend time with such a large stud so close, in their completely natural environment. I didn’t just take photos, I also watched them. Their behaviour, their emerging social relationships, the role of individuals in the hierarchy. Anyone interested in the world of horses cannot get a clearer picture of their true nature than this. And, of course, I also admired the aesthetics offered by their beauty, how they always show a new face in the suddenly changing weather conditions of Hortobágy, offering the photographer the opportunity to show them from different perspectives.